Canadians Runnin the World

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Why not get this blog rollin again?

So I was bored at work and there are a bunch of Canadians running abroad today so I put this little thang together.

Canadian Jr National Team

Pan Am Jrs
Miranmar, FL
All Day

Link for times of athletes competing: http://bit.ly/qPLMIC
** Mens 1500m skipped the heats for a straight final Saturday (Proudfoot)

Dylan Armstrong
Monaco Diamond League

1:50 EST

Kyle Boorsma
2:22 EST
Rachel Aubry
2:50 EST
Alex Genest
3000m SC

3:15 EST
Matt Hughes
3000m SC
Monaco Diamond League

3:48 EST

Hilary Stellingwerff and
Malindi Elmore

1500m Pacers
4:05 EST
Taylor Milne
4:35 EST

i would open up the live streams a few mins before each race to make sure you dont miss it because of meets running ahead/behind.




Matt Hughes, you are a BAMF.

Letsrun user 'The Stache' sums up his performance in the most perfect way;

"That is a manly win with a manly time from a man with a manly stache and a NASTY mullet. Like Sampson and his magic locks, Matt Hughes' dirty porn stache and nasty ass redneck mullet gave him the power to stomp those little boys he was running against."
Amen brother.

Now if the live feed didn't only show the last 800m, I would be a little happier; I want to watch that race, many times.


ofsaa 2011

Stopping at a native smoke shop on the side of highway 69 and picking up bbq corn nuts and seasoned spitz halfway into our journey halfway up the province of ontario put into perspective ofsaa track 2011; cottage country edition. Time for competition for the class of 92' ended in london one year prior, the time for hanging out at the track, watching some races and shooting the shit with the province's best up-and-coming athletes was what we had in store. It was a little weird; nervousness, anticipation and mild sickness, feelings that were once as intertwined in the ofsaa experience as was lining up at the obnoxious nike tent, were absent from the ride up to sudbury, replaced with a feeling of frustration at the lack of decent radio stations in a 100 km radius of parry sound. Nonetheless, me and Proudfoot were excited to see firsthand which race would be the race referenced in threads on TnF for years to come.

Things have really changed since I first caught glimpse of bright blue track at ofsaa 2007 in ottawa. Sully once said that the next best thing to an olympic medal was an ofsaa medal, and although (i'm pretty sure) he was joking, it's starting to seem like the ofsaa organizing committee took his words as motivation. For instance, I watched my sister run her steeple heat. We were still on the 400. I tethered wifi from my phone to my macbook and watched a high school track meet. This boggles my mind (and scares me to look at my phone's data usage for june). OU's didn't have a live feed. CIS didn't have a live feed. Canadian Senior Nationals didn't have a live feed! ofsaa did. This fact alone demonstrates the prestige that ofsaa is held in the eyes of athletes and organizers alike, and the direction that it is headed in the years to come. In making ofsaa more accessible to people through runnerspace and social media (my sister got a retweet from @ofsaa), the meet is setting itself up to reach more people. I think it's a great thing for the sport. More people aware of track and field makes more people interested in track and field. The more professional the meet gets in its illustrious check-in procedures and strict athlete control centres the more exposure young athletes get into how meets at the national and international level are run; a definite possibility for many of the kids i witnessed run/jump/throw this weekend.

And run/jump/throw they did.

Of the many, varied types of events that occurred over the weekend, some highlights would definitely include:
  • A midget boy from my old high school winning the triple jump on his last jump in what what one of the most precise displays of the slow clap i have ever seen a track audience execute
  • King "winning" the 1500m, but only getting bronze. (4th race of the weekend and still managed make his way from right at the back of the pack to a medal position over the last 300m, kick of the week for sure and the real winner of the race in our eyes)
  • Junior boys/girls sprinting records being smashed on an hourly basis
  • Hearing the story of a dine-and-dash executed by an entire team on Wednesday night
  • A ridiculous fartlyk session with Proudfoot on what was supposedly the nossa cross country course between the steeple and 15 finals on friday... there was at least a 50% gradient on "the wall" as well as at least a 50% chance of having our ankles turned during the workout
  • The same midget boy from my alma matter trying to pick up our waitress at the Keg
  • Learning and subsequently failing at one of the greatest (and only) things to come out of Sudbury, SlapCup
  • Mcbride and King ensuring the victory lappers didn't get their victory laps
  • The sheer girth of the lineup at the only food stand on Saturday afternoon
And many more that I am probably missing but will soon become apparent in the months of analysis on our favourite message board.

That is if they haven't already started the 2012 predictions yet.

That's it for now, off to go die in the heat.


Best day ever?

I feel compelled to share this video with as many people as possible.

Behold. Footage from the rarely contested 600m indoor steeplechase.
Run on the inside of a velodrome. With a built-in waterpit.
Commentated by outrageous british announcers. From the late 70s.
And some awesome beards.

It seems almost too good to be true, an event from the Silly Olympiad maybe, but no, it's real.

In lieu of the 2000m National Records being broken this past weekend, I feel compelled to make an attempt at the national record of another, some may say more prestigious, off-distance track event. I wonder if Moults can dig that one up.

Take a deep breathe, watch.



Mr.Rogers needs a talking to...

So it's 2:51am on Sunday morning and me and Proudfoot just got back from Windsor. Safe to say we're both pretty pumped about our races. More on that later. For now, entertain yourselves with a little video we put together as the interlude into the new season of Rollin with the River, premiering this week. I wanted to put this up earlier today, but our internet displayed abysmal upload speeds. Gonna get that taken care of tomorrow. A strongly worded letter should do the trick.


Trails - 1, Chris - 0

an addiction is an addiction...
I remember watching Winnie the Pooh as a kid and thinking that the Hundred Acre Wood was a really scary place. There was that one episode where Rabbit is having his birthday party and Pooh and Piglet get lost in the Scary Woods, a section of the Hundred Acre Wood where Piglet says that the Heffalumps and Woozles live and they have to sing a song to help them not get scared. Real shit.

Preservation Park in Guelph is very much like the Hundred Acre Wood.

They both have scared me deeply in my life.

So last week I was excited to run some miles on some different surfaces in Guelph. When looking for a place to live in the city some five months ago, I remember driving by what looked like the trailhead of some badass trails. Going home and Google Earthing the neighborhood, I found what looked like a large wooded area that connected to the trailhead I found, only 200m from the house we were about to sign for.

I was pumped.

I love that feeling of running in a new area and just going out and being able to explore. Trails are really a luxury; having run most of my off-days on the streets of Sauga in highschool, I was excited to have the sweet Guelph trail network at my disposal when coming to school here. Going out without a defined route but a number of minutes to fill up was always one of my favorite things about running when travelling, and to be able to do it right by the house I’d be living in for the next few years of my life got me excited.

So last week I trekked out to Preservation Park to run.

It kicked my ass.

I don’t want to say that the place wasn’t awesome. Because it was. Some of the softest and coolest trails that I’ve seen thus far in the city. Awesome wooden platforms that pushed the path through amazing scenery.  A great atmosphere that really made you feel secluded from the suburbs that surrounded it, perfect for the relaxed off-day run. Except I got so lost it wasn’t funny.

I tried following the trail markers and somehow ended up trying to get my boy scout’s orienteering badge. It was not fun. Logs across streams, muddy patches that stretched for K’s, bumblebees that scared the shit out of me… an uncomfortable affair to say the least. Worst of all, I didn’t know how to get out… and I lost how I got in. Ankles were really close to being turned, gashes were even closer to being produced and mental toughness was almost shot. Eventually I mountaineered my way out of the park and got back onto the good stuff, and the run continued, but yeah… it was really scary for a bit there.

Moral of the story; don’t follow the red spray-paint.

well said watson
- chris